CROWN katara

CROWN katara


Katara Jones, the daughter of Davy Jones.

Katara Jones is played by xSTARRkey


Tara has a mighty temper, one that you don't want to be on the wrong side of. She's not all that bad of a person, though she can easily kill someone in under five minutes. She's loyal to those she calls family, and can often be seen joking around with them. She plans to become captain of the Flying Dutchman one day, but she thinks she's too young right now - and is just trying to have fun, in the meantime). She's a sarcastic little thing, and is often seen making fun of other people. (She also has a general complex that she's better than others). 


Katara Jones is the daughter of the famous Davy Jones and an unnamed Ondine. Davy Jones was the one to raise her, and she grew up on a pirate ship - exploring and learning everything that she could. Davy Jones died when Katara was still just a young child, but his crew had been so loyal to him, that they collectively raised her themselves. Even in his death, though, his legacy went on. He's said to still be at the bottom of the ocean, taking the souls of men who go down with their ships. 

Katara angry

When angry, Katara might cause a storm...

Katara is now seventeen years old, and she's often see ship hopping. She likes to see how different pirate ships conduct themselves (though she always seems to return to her own, the one where she was raised - The Flying Dutchman). 

Katara keeps her identity hidden until she is able to use it to strike fear into others hearts. She only uses it when she absolutely needs to, so she will often go by just Katara or Tara. 

Because of her Ondine heritage, Katara is naturally linked to the weather and the water. She is able to move water 


Tara isn't always so serious. She can be kind of funny!

without touching it, and her emotions seem linked with the weather (if you get her mad, you better be ready for the storm that is heading your way). 


(to be added, she needs more plots~)



Katara's ideal LA representation.

Never knew who her mother was, and presumes that she died (as her father was not known to be a faithful man). 

Only woman crew member aboard the Flying Dutchman

Her ideal LA would be Q’orianka Kilcher.