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Anne will not take shit from anybody. You cause her any problems, she will call you out on it and fight you if necessary. She's tough and can
Anne bonny

Anne Bonny

handle her own pretty well in a fight. However, she is still mortal, so things like magic will be hard for her to fight against.  She doesn't handle failure easily, so if she messes up, she'll beat herself up about it for a long time. She doesn't let her emotions show easily, so she tends to keep things bottled up inside.  This causes her to lash out at people sometimes when they try to help her.  But she does care deeply for her friends and would do anything to make sure they're safe. It takes a while for her to really trust someone, though. She won't talk about her past unless she has to. But she does have a soft-spot for children.

Story So FarEdit

While she didn't know at first, Anne is actually of royal blood. She was born in the West, to a kingdom of the Draconius People. They were a race of people that befriended dragons, and the two lived together peacefully. Anne was born to the king and queen of the Draconius People, and she and Gorbash played together as babies. However, Briar Rose soon attacked. Blue released a spell that slowly put the dragons to sleep. Anne's mother saw that defeat was inevitable, so she fled the kingdom with Anne and Smurgol. She brought her to an orphanage in the Eastern Kingdoms, only telling the owner that the baby's name was Anne. When Anne's mother and Smurgol went back to the kingdom, they found that all the people and dragons were killed. Gorbash was the only one who survived. Anne's mother soon died of a broken heart. Smurgol and Gorbash didn't want to risk Briar Rose finding Anne, so they stayed in the kingdom, while Anne lived out her life in the East.

Anne grew up in an orphanage in the Eastern Kingdoms.  At a young age, Anne was already stealing things and generally getting into trouble, which didn't make it any easier for her to make friends.  When she was twelve, she realized that if nobody had adopted her by that point, nobody would.  So, she set out to try her luck on the streets.  She stayed that way for four years, until she stumbled upon the Fourty Thieves.  She managed to follow them to their hideout.  She wanted to join, but had to face the Challenge, which was basically fighting one of the thieves to the death.  Anne won, and became a member.  She and the King of Thieves grew very close and she viewd him as a father


The King of Thieves, the first friend Anne ever had

figure.  When he died, he made Anne the leader of the Forty Thieves, earning her the title the Queen of Thieves.  Some people weren't happy that she got the position, mainly Saluk.  He felt jipped by the King of Thieves.  He believed that since he had been with the Fourty Thieves the longest, he should have been the leader.  Plus, some of the other men were disgruntled at the fact that they had to listen to a woman.  So, Anne set out to be the best leader she could be.  She eventually earned the men's trust, except for Saluk.  She also earned the attention of General Momotaro, who tried many times to capture her, but was unsuccessful.  But she still wanted a way to become a leader that all her men would follow, with no hesitation.  So, she decided to pull off the biggest heist of all: robbing from Briar Rose's palace.

Anne set out to the Western Kimgdoms to give Briar Rose's palace a look-over.  While walking through the city streets one night, she was nearly attacked by a passing stranger.  But someone yelled out a warning in time and she was able to knock him out.  That "someone" turned out to be the Black Thief.  Or, more specifically, the Black Thief's successor.  The King of Thieves was friends with the former Black Thief back in the day, so Anne heard plenty of stories about him.  The two talked and ended up becoming friends.  Anne soon left though, since she still had work to do.

After scouting Briar Rose's place, Anne decided to head back to her men, who were waiting for her in the Eastern Kingdoms.  But she needed somebody to keep an eye on Briar Rose's castle while she was away.  She decided to get the help of a boy named Taran, who wanted to go on an adventure.  He agreed to spy on the palace for Anne, and in return, he would get a portion of whatever they stole.  To keep in contact, Anne bought a messenger parrot named Iago.  He would ferry messages back and forth between the two.  Later on, Anne runs into the Black Thief again.  She decides to take him with her back to the Eastern Kingdoms, since she enjoys his company and he's never seen the Eastern Kingdoms before.  But, before they can find a boat to get them to the Eastern Kingdoms, they make a pit stop first.

Anne decides that robbing Charlotte's castle would be tons of fun, so she and the Black Thief decide to swoop in and steal some loot.  They get caught by Charlotte, but the two manage to escape.  While on a ship that will take them to the Eastern Kingdoms, Anne and the Black Thief decide to team up and raid Briar Rose's castle together.  Shortly after disembarking, they run into Momotaro.  Anne tells him that she and the Black Thief raided Charlotte's castle not too long ago.  Momotaro isn't very pleased about that, but Anne just knocks him out so she and the Black Thief can continue on their way.  Little do they know that Benjamin, Charlotte's brother, has heard every word of the conversation.  Iago soon finds Anne and the Black Thief, and tells them that Briar Rose is throwing a ball soon.  Anne and the Black Thief agree that this would give them the perfect opportunity to steal stuff, so they agree to strike the night of the ball.  They send Iago on his way before heading on.

Anne and the Black Thief soon reach the hideout of the Forty Thieves, and everyone is astounded to meet the Black Thief.  However, Saluk reminds everyone that nobody can see the hideout of the Forty Thieves and live.  Anne tries to persuade her men to disregard that rule, saying that the Black Thief is under her protection.  But, Saluk convinces them to either kill him for face the Challenge.  The Black Thief chooses to the latter, and he and Saluk face off.  The Black Thief wins, sending Saluk tumbling to his death.  Everyone celebrates having a new member.  However, the Black Thief isn't too happy with Anne.  He says that if she had just told him about the rule of "anyone who sees the hideout of the Forty Thieves must die or face the Challenge" then they could have avoided this whole mess.  Anne's argument is that she thought she could convince her men to disregard that rule, and believes the Black Thief is getting mad at her over a small matter.  The two exchange angry words, and declare that once they have robbed Briar Rose's castle, their partnership is over.

Iago soon returns with news about the palace, and Anne ends up spilling her past to him.  She and the Black Thief get on slightly better terms, but not by much.  She and the others make their way to the Western Kingdoms.  Anne seeks out Taran, and tells him that part of his reward for spying for her is that he gets to come along on the raid with her and her men.  However, he needs a proper sword first.  Anne knows of a legend about a sword that can cut through any material, even metal.  However, it's located in a forest that's crawling with fairies.  But, they head in anyway.  The sword is guarded by Puck, who agrees to give Anne the sword, if she can pass his test.  He makes replicas of the sword, saying that one is the true sword while the rest are fake.  If Anne picks the sword that's real, then she can keep it.  She passes his test and gives the sword to Taran.  Puck notices this and remarks that he may have use for Anne in the future.

Anne, Taran, the Black Thief, and the other Forty Thieves soon rob Briar Rose's palace during the ball.  At first, everything seems to go according to plan.  But, it turns out that Saluk survived his fight with the Black Thief, and that he came to Briar Rose and told her everything.  Little Boy Blue summons guards and starts capturing thieves right and left.  Anne manages to fight them off long enough so Taran and the Black Thief can escape.  However, she is captured herself and is thrown into the dungeon.

While in prison, Anne went through torture, mentally and physically.  Briar Rose decided to execute her men one day at a time, saving her for the very last.  Knowing that her men were dying because of her racked Anne up with guilt.  Not to mention, Blue and Saluk gave her plenty of lashes, pushing her to her physical breaking point.  All the lashes left scars that now litter her back.  Her only kindness came from some of Briar Rose's daughters.  Bacarra tended to Anne's wounds when she could, and San and Luna brought her food.  But, Anne eventually became destitue, especially as her execution date drew near.  But, the night before her execution, the Black Thief and Taran showed up.  They busted her out, but not before San and Luna show up.  It turns out that the girls are tired of their mother's evil ways, and want to come with Anne and the others.  They agree, but soon guards catch them in the middle of their escape.  By the time they got to the front gate, they were surrounded.  Luckily, Madellaine distracted the guards long enough for Anne and the others to make their escape.  But they soon know they need to find a place to rest so Anne can recuperate from her wounds.  With no friends to turn to, Anne suggests going to one person that doesn't want her dead: Puck.

The group finds the fairy, and he agrees to let them stay if the Black Thief and Taran steal a book for him.  They agree, but it turns out, there is no book to steal.  It was just a way for Puck to test the two.  With a magical mirror, he shows Anne everything.  He sends a she-wolf in the Black Thief and Taran's direction.  Taran manages to kill it, thus passing Puck's test.  Anne gets some of her strength back and they decide to head to the Eastern Kingdoms, far out of Briar Rose's reach.  However, on the way there, they run into Momotaro and his new partner, Bouboulina.  Anne is surprised to hear that Momotaro was actually worried about her.  She and the others explain all that had happened to them, and Momotaro explains that he and Bouboulina are looking for the Emperor's son, who ran off to the Western Kingdoms.  This is when Taran gets an idea: he, Anne, and the others will help Momotarou and Bouboulina find the prince, and in exchange, the two will give Anne's group safe passage to the Eastern Kingdoms.  Everyone agrees with this plan and the two groups become one.  However, things are still rough on the road, as Anne is still suffering mentally from the trauma she went through at Briar Rose's palace.  She often has nightmares and is constanly agonizing over her friend's safety.  The Black Thief fianlly gives her a talking-to, and while Anne isn't completely healed, she knows she doesn't have to hide what she's feeling.  It's this moment that the Black Thief finally tells Anne his real name, which is John Smith.

To find the prince quickly, Bouboulina believes the best tactic is to split up.  There's a little tiff about who's going with who, but eventaully, Anne, Bouboulina, and Taran form one group, San and Luna form another, and Momotaro and John are the third.  Momotaro looks a little sad when seeing the bond Anne and John have, and Bouboulina remarks that he's just thinking about the woman he loves.  John and Taran start to have an inkling that Momotaro's thinking about Anne.  Anne, however, doesn't realize what Bouboulina meant.  Anne and Bouboulina hit up a local tavern to try and get information, and they run into the Once-ler.  After talking with him, they realize that the prince has run into the woods.  They send Taran to get John, Momo, and the others while they head on over to the forest.

While going after the prince, Anne learns that Bouboulina was originally from the West, annd that she had once been engaged. But that was the most she got to learn before they found the prince. They soon capture him, nicknaming him "Chuka" since his full name, Chucalalalonghorn, is a bit of a mouthful. They soon meet up with Taran, Momo, and the others and they set off back to the Eastern Kingdoms.

On the way back, they shelter in an abandoned castle while a storm rages on. Two dragons soon discover them. They tell them that this is the castle belonging to the Draconius People. They were a kingdom where the inhabitants befriended dragons. It is soon revealed that not only was Anne born here, she was born to the king and queen of the Draconius People, marking her as a royal. Smurgol explains that Briar Rose, with Blue's help, destroyed the kingdom in her conquest. Gorbash thinks that since Anne has returned, she can fight against Briar Rose and reclaim her throne. Anne, however, is still recovering from the scars Briar Rose gave her, and refuses to get anywhere near her. Smurgol settles things down between Anne and Gorbash and everyone agrees that they're figure out what to do in the morning.

Morning came, and Anne told Gorbash and Smurgol that she promised Momo she would help him get the Prince byack to the East, and that she intends to fulfill that promise.  After hearing that decision, Smurgol decided that he and Gorbash would accompany her on this task.  Sine their dragon forms would be too noitceable, they decided to turn into their human forms.  After transforming, Anne took the dragons aside and caught them up on everything that happened to them.  She and Smurgol help Gorbash understand why she doesn't want to fight Briar Rose.  Gorbash understands, and he and Anne become friends.

However, Anne can't ignore the destruction Briar Rose has caused.  While she, Gorbash, and Smurgol are in a town, she sees the devestation that Briar Rose can cause.  She takes pity on some street kids and gives them food, but she knows it's not a permanent solution to their problem.  She and her friends eventually board Bouboulina's ship.  However, Briar Rose has found out where they went, so she sends her siren, Ariel, after them.  She starts singing and a storm instantly appears.  It looks like the ship is about to sink.  However, San and Luna drive Ariel away with their magic powers.  They reveal to the others that they were born with these powers, but wanted to see if they could trust the others before revealing they had them.  Anne, however, realizes that no matter what they do, Briar Rose will always be trying to kill them, and that even if they do get to the East, people like her, John, and Taran will never be able to return to the West, which is where their homes lie.  So, she decides the only solution is to declare war on Briar Rose and kill her.  She decides to talk to Chuka's dad after they deliver the prince back to him and see if he can give her an army.

Anne and her friends soon arrive back in the East, and deliver Chuka back to his father. Anne asks the Emperor for an army, but he refuses. He knows Briar Rose is doing bad things, but doesn't want to endanger his people by starting a war. He claims that he'll only fight Briar Rose when she attacks the East. Anne isn't too happy with this, but decides to accept the Emperor's decision. That night, she talks with John about how disappointed she is with how things turned out. John reminds her that a lot of people fled to the East to escape Briar Rose, so they could be potential allies. And maybe, some of those people will have an army. Anne thinks it's a long shot, but she doesn't have any other ideas, so she decides to go with it. She and John explain their plan to everybody else. They all agree to help her with her mission. Anne expresses her gratitude, glad that they've decided to stick with her.

The group wanders around the East until they come across Dimbur Town. There, they hear about Elsa, and how she can create snow soldiers with her powers. They decide to visit her and see if she can help her. They arrive at her palace, but as soon as Anne mentions her plan, Elsa refuses to help her. She's too afraid of Briar Rose and doesn't want to sacrifice the freedom she's gotten after so long. Anne knows how she feels, since she used to be petrified of Briar Rose as well, but she can't convince Elsa to help her. Smurgol suggests to Elsa that she think about it, and if she still feels the same way in the morning, they'll accept her decision. The next morning, to everyone's surprise, Elsa decides to help them, but she has one condition: she has to bring along her friend, Pitch, who is a dream manipulator. Anne thinks he can be useful in getting info on Briar Rose, so she lets him join as well.


John Smith (The Black Thief)Edit

John smith

John Smith, Anne's closest friend

John is Anne's closest friend, and she knows that she can trust him above all else.  While the two do butt heads at times, since Anne wears her emotions on her sleeve and John tends to be more reserved, they are very close and trust each other with secrets that they could never tell anybody else.  She's very protective of him and is comforted whenever he's near her.  Their relationship might seem romantic from anyone else's point of view, but Anne will always insist that they're just friends.  Falling in love with someone is something she's never done before, and she believes she never will.


Anne sees Taran as the little brother she never had.  While she enjoys teasing him at times, she does care about him very much and strives to

Taran, the little brother Anne never had

protect him.  She believes that it's his fault that he went from a regular boy to an outlaw like herself, and she feels guilt over that.  So, she's taken it upon herself to make sure that he's well-looked after and to give him what he needs to defend himself.



Momotaro, who has a crush on Anne, but she doesn't know it yet

At first, Anne and Momotaro tended to butt heads a lot.  He was a general and she was a thief.  He tried many times to capture her, but she always eluded him.  She enjoys teasing him and tends to call him "Momo" which means peach in Japanese.  However, over time, Momotaro grew fond of Anne, and even fell in love with her.  As of right now, Anne doesn't know this and just considers him a friend.


While Iago is a parrot, he does talk and think much like a human does.  Whether he's been enchanted or is just

Iago, Anne's talking messenger parrot

smart, nobody knows.  But he's become a member of Anne's group just as much as the others have.  His main duties are usually to carry messages whenever the group is separated.  Anne enjoys teasing him as well and actually finds his sarcasm a bit refreshing.  Even though he's reluctant at times to get mixed up in drama and craziness, Anne knows she can rely on him.

Saluk Edit


Saluk, who betrayed Anne and the Forty Thieves to Briar Rose

From the moment Anne and Saluk met, there's been tension between them.  Saluk was one of many of the thieves that didn't like a girl as young as Anne joining the Forty Thieves.  Things got especially heated between the two of them when Anne was declared the leader of the Fourty Thieves.  Saluk believed that he should have gotten the position since he had been with the thieves the longest.  Now that he's betrayed her and her men, Anne hates him even more than she used to.  However, she is afraid of him as well, thanks to all the torture he gave her when she was in prison.


Anne isn't exactly best buddies with the princess, considering that she robbed her palace.  Anne doesn't see her as a big threat, especially when compared to Briar Rose.

Briar RoseEdit

While Anne didn't care much about Briar Rose at first, she soon did when the queen ruined her life.  Briar Rose's love of torture and causing

Briar Rose, who's totally ruined Anne's life

others paln made Anne become broken in her hands.  She frequently gloated about how she was killing Anne's men, and often had Blue and Saluk whip her.  Like Saluk, Anne hates Briar Rose, but is also afraid of her.  Any thought of her makes her weak in the knees.


One of Briar Rose's daughters that ended up betraying her when she helped Anne.  At first, Madellaine visited Anne in the dungeons only to get a glimpse of the famous "Queen of Thieves."  However, Madellaine ended up getting sympathy for her, and helped her escape.  Unfortunately, she ended up getting caught and thrown into the dungeon.  Anne feels guilty that she's the reason Madellaine is in prison, and secretly hopes that one day, she can go and rescue her.


Bacarra is another one of Briar Rose's daughters that ended up helping Anne.  While she was in the dungeon, Bacarra helped tend to some of her wounds.  This helped the two women bond and become friends.  Anne knows that she is in the woman's debt, and hopes that one day she might be able to repay it.

San and LunaEdit

These twin daughters of Briar Rose ended up helping Anne the most of all.  While she was in prison, the two girls would often bring her food.  While they were at first reluctant to help her escape, they soon decided to do it when it looked like nobody else would do it.  When they found out that John and Taran had come to rescue her, they convinced them to let them join their group.  Anne considers them friends, even though she feels guilty that they left their rich and easy life behind for her.


Blue is in the same group of people that Anne hates and is terrified of.  The boy showed no mercy, much like Saluk and Briar Rose, and tortured her just as much as they did.  


While Anne doesn't consider the fairy a friend, he's not really an enemy either.  Anne doesn't entirely trust him since fairies are naturally tricky types, but he did give her and her friends shelter when they were running from Briar Rose.  But at the same time, he decided to sick a she-wolf and John and Taran for kicks, and she's not too fond of that.  Overall, she has mixed feelings about Puck.


Anne is slowly growing close with the former pirate.  The two are very much alike in that they like teasing their friends and are kind of rough and tough.  Anne feels like she can relax around Bouboulina, and she feels a bit like her old self when she's around her.


The prince the fled from the East, and the prince Momo and Bouboulina were charged to find.  He's not very happy about being taken home.  Anne doesn't feel much sympathy for him.  She knows she has to help Momo get this kid back so she and her friends can get safe passage to the East, so she's willing to put up with his complaining.

Smurgol Edit


Smurgol, who revealed who Anne was

Smurgol is one of two surviving dragons of the Draconius Clan. He's a bit calmer and less excitable than Gorbash. Anne thinks he's cool, since he's not pushing her to choose one path or another.  She already sees him as an eldery grandfather who can give her advice when she needs it.

Gorbash Edit

Things are tense between Gorbash and Anne in the beginning.  Gorbash saw Anne's return as a sign that this

Gorbash, who wants Anne to fight Briar Rose

is the chance for the Draconius People to redeem themselves and take back their kingdom from Briar Rose. However, the idea of fighting the queen scares Anne to death, and she refuses to go anywhere near her.  While Gorbash still doesn't entirely agree with her, they have decided to become friends anyway.


Anne, Gorbash, and Smurgol met Marina in a town in the Western Kingdoms.  She explained to them that Briar Rose always drains her towns and villages dry so she can fund her war.  She soon left afterwards so the Anne and the others could finish their errands.


Anne didn't see the siren up close, but she now knows that she is very dangerous and hopes to avoid her in the future.  She was part of the final straw that led her to declare war on Briar Rose.


Anne Bonny first killed someone when she was 16 years old.

Her back is covered with scars from whippings that she got from Blue and Saluk.

Her ideal LA would be Penelope Cruz.